Hair strokes / Combo Brows

Perfect for those with good, normal to dry skin or slightly oily skin, minimal visible pores and are wanting to lightly fill sparse areas of the natural eyebrow. This option is recommended if you have a very good natural brow and just want a little extra definition. Hair strokes aren’t  a cover up option for previous work. Can last up to 12 to 18 months. Combo brows offer a little more texture and depth to hair strokes to give a slightly fuller yet still natural finish.

Price does not include top up.

Machine Hairstrokes


 Hair strokes look just like Microblading but are far better for the integrity of the clients skin and are suitable for a far broader client base than microblading. This option is recommended if you have an even coverage of brow hair and / or are wanting to reshape the natural brow. If you love the look of microblading or hair stroke brows but want a longer lasting result than blading and one that fades more flatteringly that is kinder to the skin then this option is perfect. Lasts 1-2 years. Top up not included.

Powder/ Ombré Brows

Perfect for any skin type and the best option for mature skin, thin skin, oily skin, scared skin and uneven textured skin. Powder brows can be used as a cover up option, be sure to contact us with a picture if you have previous work on your eyebrows. Can last to to 2 to 5 years. Powder brows can be made to look very soft and subtle or more like make up, the choice is left for the client to decide.

Top up not included.


Microblading is performed by using a hand held tool with a row of super fine pins to lightly etch strategically placed fine hairstrokes into the upper layers of the skin to mimic natural hair growth. Machine hairstrokes are created using super fine cartridge needles and a machine to gently and superficially implant pigment to create the finest and most natural looking hairstrokes. Alternatively these methods are also known as nano strokes/ nano brows / semi permanent make up / PMU/ SPMU/ tattooing.

Adding some machine shading into hair strokes creates our famous combo brows to create a fuller yet still natural look. Powder / ombre / tattoo brows are created using a machine to gently implant pigments into the upper layers of the skin to create a lightly filled in natural look or a more “make up” look, this method is very versatile.


Lash Line Enhancement

Perfect if you want a natural barely there hint of colour at the base of your lashes to give a little definition to your eyes. Can last up to 2 years. This price dose not include the top up at 6 weeks.

LOADED Liner – Velvet

The ultimate sexy, Smokey liner that gives you definition without the harsh line. Can last up to 3 years. Does not include top up.

LOADED Liner – Latino

If you love the liquid liner look then this is for you, smooth yet crisp liner. Can last up to 3 years. Does not include top up.


Lash line enhancement or loaded liner is created using the machine method. Tricia specialises in applying and teaching all of these techniques 
Our latino and velvet liner are created using the machine method to gently implant pigment into the upper layers of the skin. The area is numbed before and during for a pain free treatment.


Lip Blush

Perfect if you want a little more definition to your lip line and a natural tint of colour to your lips or if you’re a little braver you can go for a full LOADED lipstick look. Can last up to 3 years. Does not include top up.


This area is pigmented using the machine method to apply pigments in to the upper layers of the skin to create more definition at the lip border and blush the lips with natural colour which can be lost due to lip fillers, age or scarring. The area is numbed before and during for a pain free treatment

Touch Ups

6 to 8 week eyebrow top up

You will need an initial top up  at around 6 to 8 weeks, this will be booked for you at the initial session. After this initial top up usually clients return once a year for a colour boost.

Eye liner Liner or Lip Blush Top Up

6 to 8 week top top

Top up from 6 – 24 months

Annual colour boosts vary in price depending on the amount of time since your last top up, please use the online booking tool to view prices for your individual time scale