Does it hurt?

No, modern day PMU isn’t painful with most clients reporting little to no discomfort or a slight scratch.

How long does it last?

Long term results depend on a lot of factors such as skin type and lifestyle and also which treatment you have had, please see our services section for more accurate details of each treatment.

I've had them done somewhere else, can you still do them?

Maybe, if you have previously had them done elsewhere and they are still visible in the skin its best to send us a good clear picture in good lighting so we can let you know if we can cover the previous work. Please send use a frontal full face picture so we can check we can work with the symmetry and a close up of each brow…. If we cant then fear not, Tricia is also able to offer pigment lifting so we can lift some of your old pigment out and prepare your skin for some new work.

I'm a mature client, can I still have it done?

Of course! Tricia works on the more mature clients regularly with client ranging in age from 18 to the mid 80s, you’re never too old to feel and look good.

Can I come in and speak to someone?

Sure, you can pop in for a chat anytime, just let us know when to expect you so we can make sure we are available

Do you draw them on first so I can see what they will look like?

Absolutely, we will measure and draw a shape in pencil first so you can check the shape and symmetry and make sure you are 100% happy with the pre draw before we go any further with the treatment process. Then once approved by yourself we will then move on and choose a colour to suit your skin tone and hair colour.  You have complete control.