Areola Tattooing
When we think of tattooing we think of decorating the body. This form of tattooing is using art to heal. Tricia is a specially trained artist that restores the breast to their most natural looking form, through tattooing.

What is Areola Tattooing?
This is the placement of pigment beneath the epidermis of the skin in the areola area, otherwise known as tattooing or micro-pigmentation. This process is done using a machine that move 3000 times per minute, injecting ink into the dermis

What are the types of pigments used?
There are different types of pigments that can be used for this process, Tricia tends to use a permanent pigment for all areola tattooing procedures to ensure you wont have to go through the tattooing of compromised skin ever again Thinking ahead, there are a few things to do prior to your Mastectomy that will help with your areola nipple tattooing ~ Take before pictures ~Think about your areola colour and write it down ~Note the size of your breast and areola

What to expect?
The day of the procedure you will want to wear a comfortable bra and bring any photos of your breast prior to surgery, if you have them (not needed)

Will I experience pain during the procedure?
No.98% of the time there is no pain in the reconstructed breast. For the other 2% we will apply a topical anesthetic so there is little to no pain.

Colour choice and size of my areola?
When you meet your artist, they will work with you to determine color and size by first drawing impermanently on the area. Once the color and size are agreed upon, Tricia will create dimension with color and shading, giving you a realistic nipple and areola. When the procedure is finished you will be amazed with the results!
The area will be covered with dressings and you will be given your aftercare instructions

Pigment looks much darker the first 10 days after the procedure. Areolas look darker at first and after 10 days they will appear as the pigment that we’ve chosen for your skin tone.

Will I need another appointment?
This process is usually complete in one appointment, however, in some cases, you may require an additional touch up depending on your individual healing process. If a follow up is necessary , you will need to return at 6 weeks.

We offer areola tattooing for both men and women 
Not just for cancer survivors but if you have had any type of nipple reconstruction, radiation or relocation of the nipple that has left you with discolouration or scarring we can help.


We offer this as a free service 1 day per week to breast cancer survivors, to be placed on the waiting list for a free healing tattoo then please contact us using our contact form. As to be expected this waiting list is a long one, however if you don’t want to wait for your turn on the waiting list then we offer this as a paid treatment also that can be booked the same as any of our other services at a time and date that suits you subject to availability.

Please use our booking system to view availability or alternatively please contact us.

If you would like to see more images of our work then please contact us.