Aftercare Instructions

  1. Day 1.. with cooled boiled water and a cotton pad, gently wipe over the area and leave to air dry.
  2. Day 2 to 7, as above gently wiping the area morning and night, leaving the area to air dy then apply a small amount of the after care balm provided.
  3. NO MAKE UP in the area for at least 7days.
  4. No extended long hot and steamy showers, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, sunbeds or swimming.
  5. No gym or excessive sweating for at least 7 days.
  6. Keep the area dry except when cleaning them.
  7. No picking !!
  8. It is normal for the area to look darker on day 2 after the treatment, around day 4 to 7 the area will begin to flake away revealing the paler colour below , this new paler colour may appear to be almost invisible.. DO NOT PANIC this is normal and the colour will begin to bloom back over the next week or two.